One Night Stands

So, you want to have a One Night Stand?

I’ll give you an example of what happened to me on my first hookup

Well the date was nice enough, and he was charming and funny, but mostly he was just there. He was a distraction for me to be honest; something to take my mind off the loneliness that crept its way into my mind, despite the amount of vodka I used to forget about it all. He thought I was attractive and he told me so. We enjoyed our attractiveness in the only way that we knew how, by drinking more vodka. Before we knew it, I was on his lap. We made out and I forgot about my loneliness for a while. After a while things got too hot and heavy for us to stand it, as we retreated to his bedroom for the main event.

How was the sex with the hookup? Not that great, but I think that it’s that way for a lot of people. We usually think of one night stands with someone who we don’t care about to be unsatisfying. It even seems like a dream afterwards, and is something that we have trouble with in the morning. You never hear someone saying, “That one night stand changed my life,” because if you did it probably wouldn’t have been a one night stand. However, even if they don’t provide the rush that we wish they did, they can still be fun.

And isn’t that one of those things that casual encounters are supposed to do for us? I mean, we are often told by our parents to “only have sex with someone that means something to you,” which puts a lot of pressure on a woman and a man. Sometimes it’s ok to have sex with someone who doesn’t mean anything to you. Sometimes it is good to do something just for the instant pleasure that it brings. And what’s wrong with that? Well if you are both on the same page then yes it can be okay, but for a lot of the time it doesn’t bring any real happiness.

However, sometimes a one night stand makes you feel even emptier than you did before and you come away feeling worse. Hook ups on a first night can be okay for some but there are still an awful lot of us that don’t really want meaningless sex. It depends what you hope to gain from a hookup but the majority of us feel that it’s right at the time but afterwards wish that we never done it. You will wonder afterwards if you have caught a sexual disease or if you could be pregnant, not pretty things to think about.

So think long and hard before you just hookup for a one night stand because it may not be for everyone. Booze makes a person appear a lot more attractive and the next morning you may wonder what you ever saw in them. Just know what you are looking for and don’t have any great expectations and then you may enjoy your casual encounter for what it is. You probably won’t be walking off into the sunset with this person.
happily ever after

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